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The Production

This project was birthed from a script written by my wife, Anna Gerasimova. When the time came that we felt we could take on the project, we thought we'd be making a video page-flip book, with still images. We never foresaw what it turned into. Neither of us had experience making any sort of animation, and very little knowledge about simple video editing. 


But the idea grew, and then it developed into a motion graphic novel type project. Picture flat, still images moving in layers just to create a better sense of interest, and then you have an idea of where we shifted our aim. And then Anna discovered Adobe Character Animator. The idea presented itself to actually move the characters and make them talk, although in a simplified way. Combine that with my, (Arthur Herring), increasing interest in Adobe After Effects, the idea developed yet into a new form of presentation. 


Now we envisioned a story closer to an animated film. At this point we knew we had to refine, layer and enhance a lot of what we had already done, and simply push forward in making the best presentation we knew how to or even had time or money to do. Our decision to then find and hire Voice Actors was one of the best choices we made, and practiclly the only part that was truly financed. It was an investment we're so happy with, as they gave so much life and energy to the production. We only wish we could have afforded more actors to compliment the pros we found. 


Finally, the issue of music surfaced and we knew it would have to be an essential aspect of this whole thing. Anna took the reins with this and did an intense study of orchestration during the whole production. The film was richly blessed with her musical skills.

We hope you enjoy the story, as this was always the focus of intent, not the greatest animation, graphics and special effects show, but... telling a story. 


Thank you so much for watching, and showing your support for our efforts.. it means so much to us. 

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