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Noah has cut his teeth as a talent on a wide range of projects, from corporate explainers, to audiobooks, to indie video games, utilizing his home-built studio and versatile voice. When not practicing voiceover, he writes fiction, both as screenplays and traditional novels, watches movies, and manages an unruly cat named Aitne.

Noah joined The Breath of Life’s cast in the summer of 2018. It was one of his most significant roles at the time and he loved voicing his character, Irinarkh.

Further inquiries about Noah and his creative endeavors can be made by contacting him here:



Noah Logan is a voice actor and writer working freelance out of Tampa, Florida. A 2021 Cinema & Television graduate from Regent University, Noah is a highly creative individual with a bent for fastical storytelling. He is currently touring festivals around the United States with the senior project he wrote and directed, a short fantasy film, Embryo.


Based in Los Angeles, California, Dimitry Rozental is an experienced Russian voiceover talent. Dimitry has worked on numerous Russian language productions over the past two decades. With extensive work in the field of television, film, radio and multimedia, he has built a successful career marrying precision with artistry.

Dimitry received comprehensive voice and acting training from DePaul University (formerly Goodman School of Drama) earning his BFA in Acting. His native tongue is Russian but he also speaks Ukrainian, and English with a soft eastern European accent perfect for animation and video games.

Dimitry honed his skills working on countless commercials, e-lessons, audiobooks, jingles, and presentations for corporate clients as well as dubbed films and documentaries.


His work as a radio host in Russia, Chicago, and Los Angeles for nearly a decade has enabled him to captivate an audience regardless of demographic.

Dimitry has played pivotal roles in the success of many high caliber projects for Fortune 500 companies and brands like Google, Apple, Harley Davidson, PUMA, UFC, Volkswagen, Uber, Pepsi, Lay's Chips, and Rosetta Stone. He was recently awarded the prestigious EMEA SABRE award for his work on Google’s “Anna Karenina: Live” and is featured as the Russian voice of the world-renowned "Rosetta Stone® - Language Learning Technology”.

Dimitry’s rich tone is perfect for animation and video games. He’s been featured in Activision's “Call of Duty” (2019), Ubisoft’s “Assassin’s Creed” (2017), 4A Games’ “Metro: Exodus” (2019), “Rune Ragnarok” (2018), and “WW3” (2019). Dimitry has the unique gift of lifting story and character above language ensuring his client’s message is delivered to their audience. With each project, Dimitry’s goal is to deliver more than what is expected of him.

He values positivity, honesty, responsibility, and intelligence. He brings these core values to any project he engages. Never afraid of hard work, Dimitry is committed to his development both as a person and an actor. In order to provide high quality Russian voiceovers, he is constantly honing his skills. He believes learning as much as he can about his craft enables him to stay competitive in the rigorous field of voice-over.

Dimitry Rozental (SAG-AFTRA)

1(800) 506-0385


Adam Behr is a puppeteer and Award-winning voice-over artist, a Canadian and South African dual citizen. He performed background characters on It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie and The Muppets' Wizard of Oz. He also worked on the Creature Shop films Cats & Dogs and Snow Dogs.


On TV, Behr puppeteered and did voices in Stargate SG-1. He also provides narration for documentaries on TV and voice-overs for commercials and films. He has won 6 Cannes Lions, Voiced 2 Clio Award winning commercials, 2D & AD In-book Award and Voiced 2 Grands Prix, numerous Gold, Silver, 2 Bronze-winning campaigns in the Loerie Advertising Awards, as well as the Gold Apex Award-winner for 2012, and has Voiced the Gold Loerie Award-winning campaign , for "" and is the ongoing voice of the company. He is also the signature voice of many products and companies worldwide, and the station ID voice for several international radio stations. He voices movie and video game trailers, and also characters for animation, and is one of the voice artists on the political satire puppet series zanews.

He has worked as a puppeteer and effects artist on several projects, including Cats and Dogs, Cats and Dogs 2: The revenge of Kitty Galore, I, Robot, Alien vs Predator 2Snakes on a Plane, Slither, The Santa Clause 2, Scary Movie 3, The Sixth Day, and Willard, among others and TV credits include, The X-Files, Millennium, Stargate SG-1, The Outer Limits, Poltergeist: The LegacyThe New Addams FamilyTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation, and many more.

He has also done voice-over work in other languages including Zulu, Afrikaans, and Swahili. He is the signature voice for various broadcast channels, and cartoon characters for both television and feature films, including prominent animation voice roles in Jim Henson's Dinosaur Train, Land of the Lost, the feature film with Will Ferrell, the voice of the lead villain, "Titanium Chef" in CBS's Sushi Pack, and many more.

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