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To create a harmonious world, a young enchantress and her old friend, the repented ex-villain, search for ways to merge the glorious cultures of the fantasy world, before they all destroy each other. Beside the epic hurdles of their grand adventure, they desperately try to resist the undeniable electricity between them, which they really shouldn’t feel… 

Mainly, because she is already engaged to a mage who brought her back to life... And then realizes she’s still in love with her accomplice in this quest, the one who had killed her.

Just before our hopeless would-be lovers find the solution to a harmonious world, they fail miserably and accidentally unleash an underground lake of demons which plunges the whole world into darkness from hell. 

The heads of all nations, who used to fight for the supreme leadership are now united to end this unknown global misery. Every full moon, using the energy of a savage sacrificial rite, one of the leaders proclaims their solution. But every time, before the leader in charge is about to accomplish it, he/she dies inexplicably. All the leaders mysteriously die one by one… Until we finally discover who, of all the beloved main characters, is behind this terrible mess…

While the darkness envelopes the world, our adventure couple manages to hunt down an enigmatic solution to create harmony. This mystery is kept safely in a Sanctuary. But as the peoples surrender to the demons, the sanctuary yields the answers to restore the glory of all the nations, to keep them in perfect balance and bring hope to the world.