About "The Breath Of Life"

This is a dynamic adventure story about a fantasy world full of mysteries, color and humor. 

Different nations of the world possess certain magical powers, taming the elements of nature, dreams or music, etc. Other nations don’t seem to have magic but keep ancient secrets or a deadly curse. 



Mila & Varlahm

A young mage named Varlahm, the only one in the world who has two different magics is obsessed with discovering ancient mysteries and is undertaking a lot of research in the caves of the Cursed. 

Magi of Passion see a big danger to their plans in what he might discover, and would do anything to get rid of Varlahm.


While on a mission Varlahm meets a young girl, Mila, who has read lots of Scrolls of Wisdom. As he is completely blown away by her knowledge, he asks her to come back with him to his land hoping she would help him with the mystery of an enigmatic ancient object, the Wheel of Life. 

Mila got her passion for discovering the hidden past from her father. She knows that her father had found more truth about the world than anybody else, although he failed to pass his knowledge to her because Mila was too young when he died. The death of her parents forced Mila to move from the volcanic land of Magi of Passion to the land of her mother.  She grows up in the family of her uncle, the leader of the whole nation of Magi of Living Nature.  


Soon after meeting Varlahm, Mila learns that he is an enemy, nevertheless she accepts his offer to go to his land and runs away from her uncle’s home. Following her heart, she sets out on an adventure of discovering deep ancient truth of the fantasy world.



The general situation in the world.

The situation in the world of magical nations is critical. Constant discord between the nations of different magics prevent them from uniting against the main tyrant, Magi of Passion, who are well on their way to concuring the world and convert it into a living hell. 


What makes the situation even worse is a dying nation without magic – the Cursed.  Their most miserable existence in the underground caves is pure suffering and in the last desperate hope to survive they steal the magical nations’ Scrolls of Wisdom, leaving the others without knowledge.


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