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Beyond the Boundaries of Magic.

A young girl is haunted by the secrets of her dead father, by his discovery of an ancient powerful force that could create a new dawn in the world. Yearning to get answers, she dares to go on a reckless adventure with a stranger, an enemy to her nation, but enchanted by the same mystery.


This is a dynamic adventure story about a fantasy world full of mysteries, color and humor. 


A young girl, Mila, wakes up every night in cold sweat from her own piercing scream. In her nightmares she relives the death of her parents.  She also sees her father with an enigmatic ancient object, the Wheel of Life. Mila has the same object as a medallion and believes that the Wheel of Life could bring a new dawn in the unbalanced world of magic.

One day, when she is left alone, a young mage, called Varlahm, appears at her home. He turns out to know where the real Wheel of Life is. Mila soon learns that he is an enemy to her nation. Nevertheless, yearning to solve the mystery of the Wheel’s power, she dares to run away with him from her uncle’s home.

Varlahm stole the Wheel of Life from Gorday, the pompous and conceited leader of the Magi of Passion nation. Gorday desires to submit all other nations of magic to his narcissistic authority by any means and bask in the boundaryless power. Varlahm is doing what he can to find out exactly how Gorday is trying to subject them all and prevent his cunning plans. And he has a good reason. If Gorday conquers the world, he’ll spread the heat of the volcanic landscape of his territory to all the other nations, which will make the world look pretty much like hell. Being involved in the death of Mila’s parents, Gorday is nothing but repulsive to her. Quite unlike his closest ally, charismatic and alluring head of a mighty warrior nation, called Irinarkh.

On one hand, Irinarkh's army is so unexplainably powerful that they could definitely help Gorday conquer the world. But on the other hand, his rational character keeps trying to put some sense into the burning emotions of Gorday and almost keeps him on a leash. Irinarkh is Mila’s good friend from childhood and is in love with her. She’s very interested in him too: while everyone else is desperately trying to figure out the Wheel of Life's mystery, Irinarkh is the only one who actually knows what it's for and keeps the secret of how to wield it. However, he wouldn’t just give it away even to Mila, even when she’s using her charm to try to persuade him.

The Story
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