Beyond the Boundaries of Magic.

A young girl, Mila, is haunted by the secrets of her dead father, by his discovery of an ancient, powerful force that could create a new dawn in the world. Yearning to get answers, she dares to go on a reckless adventure with a stranger, an enemy to her nation, called Varlahm. Varlahm needs Mila's help - her unusual, powerful magic and deep knowledge, to figure out an enigmatic ancient object, the Wheel of Life. Mila is enchanted by the same mystery while the Wheel of Life is the only clue that she has connected with her father's secret discoveries. 


This is a dynamic adventure story about a fantasy world full of mysteries, color and humor. 


The situation in the world of magical nations is critical. Constant discord between themselves prevent them from uniting against the main tyrant, Magi of Passion, who are well on their way to conquer the world and convert it into a living hell.


What makes the situation even worse is a dying nation without magic - the Cursed. Their most miserable existence in the underground caves is pure suffering and in the last desperate hope to survive, they steal the magical nation's Scrolls of Wisdom, leaving the other without knowledge.

Varlahm, the young mage that Mila runs away with, is obsessed with discovering a hidden past and is undertaking a lot of research in the caves of the Cursed. 


Magi of Passion see a big threat to their plans in what he might discover and would do anything to get rid of Varlahm. This fact makes Mila's reckless adventure with him even more dangerous. 


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