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"To live on our own piece of land, grow our own food and share it with the community.. that is our ultimate dream in this life." 

Dear friends of the Healing Nectar project. We thank you sincerely for your interest and support!


This project, being the size that it is, has been an enormous tap of resources for the two of us. Time and patience, along with the day-to-day persistence and sacrifice of simple pleasures like family gatherings and day trip vacations.


During the production, we've been motivated by the love of the project itself, but another motivation has been pushing us along as well; establishing a life on the piece of land while growing food and harmonizing with nature. It's one of our biggest dreams, if not the most significant, to provide and share organic produce with the community.


As in the story, Mila’s nation learned to find complete harmony with nature, and in reflection of this idea, both of us have been researching, collecting information and gaining practical skills to achieve our dream.


Now, all we need is a bit of land, where we can build a natural home and turn our dream into practical reality. You can help! By supporting this project with your donations, by sharing the film with your friends and families is a big help... thank you! Also, if you know of, or own, 5 to 20 acres of land that has a obtainable price tag, please share this info with us. We can't wait to hear from you!