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The Breath of Life: The Guardian of the Sanctuary

Will, a fledgling mage, is thrust into an epic quest to become the Guardian of the Sanctuary. His true quest, however, is driven by forbidden passion for a girl haunted by demons. The shadows within the girl destroyed the Sanctuary in the distant past. Defying all odds, Will embarks on a perilous journey across eight enchanted kingdoms, collecting vital elements to restore balance and unlock the mysteries of the Sanctuary. Meanwhile, a creeping darkness captures the world’s greatest magi, complicating Will's mission with a looming threat that seeks to overthrow the Sanctuary and its would-be Guardian.

12 Will falls asleep.png
12 Will wakes up.png

Storyboard images of Will’s adventure to the Haunted Singing Forest

13 Mage of Animals.png
13 Will and Mage of Animals are taken down by hands.png
13 zWill alone in the cave.webp
14 Will comes up.png
14 zWill and Birds.png
14 zzBirds on the ship.png

Other images of the story

Mila, Varlahm and the Cursed.png
Training CLose Up.png

The Guardian of the Sanctuary

Screenplay by

Anna Gerasimova

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