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The Farm

"To live on a small farm, grow our own food and share it with the community... that is our ultimate dream in this life." 

Dear friends of the Breath of Life project,

We thank you sincerely for your interest and support! Now that the movie is made, it's time to start another huge project, that might also seem almost unrealistic at first. It’s always been our biggest dream to establish a small farm, grow food and raise animals in harmony with nature, to provide and share organic produce with the community.


As in the story, where Mila’s nation lived in complete harmony with nature, and in reflection of this idea, both of us have been researching, collecting information and gaining practical skills to achieve our dream.

“The Breath of Life” story is about bringing powers of nature in balance. The farm has the same core idea as well: putting elements of nature in harmony, creating a holistic ecosystem.

Not only is the fundamental idea of the farm similar to the film, but also the general territorial setup is quite alike.  We've explored different designs for the layout of the farm and are inspired by the kingdoms of different magical nations from the story and their real historical prototypes.  Ancient cultures all over the world keep forgotten knowledge, including forgotten methods of farming in harmony with nature, creating diverse polycultures.  It is our goal to discover as many of those old natural techniques and ideas as possible.


The amazing documentary film “The Biggest Little Farm” demonstrated on a larger scale our dream in a nutshell. Another big influence and lifelong inspiration is Sepp Holzer, his mountainside farm and his vast resource of permaculture knowledge.


Now, we need to find a piece of land, suitable for our sustainable agriculture farm and turn our dream into practical reality. You can help! By supporting the project with your donations, by sharing the film with your friends and families is a big help... thank you! Also, if you think you can assist our farm project in any way please share your ideas with us. We can’t wait to hear from you! 

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