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My intention as a filmmaker is to create a truly artistic movie, a fantasy film that is not only like a theme park ride, but creative, cinematic and captivating, stretching the boundaries of technology and imagination on a modest budget.


It’s neither simply a fantasy film visually, nor is it in the story. The story brings into focus human aspects, the darkness and mysteries of human beings, only told in a fantasy tale through magi and demons. We explore it artistically, with humor and hope that there is a solution to make things better.


One of the goals of this fantasy animation is to achieve maximum suspense, keeping the audience at the edge of their seat throughout the movie’s entirety with elements of mystery. It’s like a thriller, with a ticking bomb, where with each second gets closer to the revelation. Constantly increasing stakes, with unpredictable twists of the plot, intend to keep the viewer’s deep focus.   


It’s important for me that the film celebrates the diversity of the cultures of our real world, disguised in the magical cultures of the fantasy world, and the hope to be able to live in harmony.

Director's Statement:


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10 images from the film

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