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Dark Matter

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In a fantasy world where everyone can master any magic, one force can't be tamed. Love. A young enchantress is engaged to a mage who brought her back to life. Though, she's still in love with the one who had killed her.

Driven by these forbidden feelings, the undercover lovers take on a mission to create peace and harmony in the world. On a daring adventure, contrary to their original intention, they unleash an army of demons kept for centuries in the underground temples.

Demons make magi lose their mind, possessing everyone they can. In the senseless state of the world, the situation turns from amusing to vile. Now every full moon the world leaders, who try to defeat demons, begin dying one by one... Until we finally discover who is really behind the madness.

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In a world with glorious kingdoms of magic, there’s a dark secret of a cursed nation. A young enchantress is haunted wickedly by this secret. Yearning to get answers, she dares to go on a reckless adventure with a stranger, fascinated by the same mystery.

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